BTS V Reveals Who Took His Recent Viral Photo With His Dog Yeontan


Recently, BTS V uploaded a couple of cute photos with his dog Yeontan, the sweet photos were taken up close and the two were on a bed. Some ARMY began to wonder who took the photos and started with their theories.

One ARMY asked V who took his photos on Weverse,

“Now I am curious, who’s taking your pictures for you? Could it be possible that you’re setting up the camera on timer, then posting it while looking at Yeontannie with those loving eyes?”

V told the ARMY that it was his mother who took the photos.

However, some ARMY weren’t convinced that his mother took the photos, some started to believe that he could be in a hotel room and some of them began calling hotels asking if V was staying at them. This created a bit of drama online because the majority of ARMY found such behavior ridiculous and unnecessary, one viral tweet by a fan said,

“did y’all really find the hotel taehyung stayed in and called the hotel bc y’all didn’t believe he stayed with his mom ??????????????

that’s disgusting and such an invasion of privacy. y’all complain so much when bts aren’t active but do shit like this ??? do u know how uncomfortable that is ?? gross.”

What do you think of this?


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