BTS V Breaks BTS Record And Becomes The Artist With The Most No.1s On iTunes


BTS V has broken his own group record!

Shortly after V broke Adele’s record for the title of the most No.1s for a solo artist on iTunes, he broke another record, this time surpassing his own group.

BTS had recently broken the record for the most #1’s on iTunes shattering Adele’s record.

As of July 8, V has now surpassed his group to get the title of the most #1’s on iTunes charting #1 in 105 countries! He is officially the first in history to score #1s in 105 regions, making him iTunes’ #1 artist worldwide.

V managed to do that with a solo OST song; “Sweet Night” was released for “Itaewon Class” and did so well with fans efforts.

Congratulations to BTS V!


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