BTS Jimin Reaction To A Fan Complaining About Loving Him More Than Her Boyfriend Goes Viral


BTS Jimin had the sweetest reaction to this fan comment on his V Live broadcast!

For the past couple of days, a video clip of Jimin reacting to what a fan commented on his live broadcast began to circulate again; Jimin’s reaction was the center of it. The fan told Jimin,

“My boyfriend doesn’t like you; I can’t live without you even though I can live without my boyfriend.”

Jimin had the sweetest reaction to the fan, he laughed and with a smirk he said,

“Hahahaha, don’t say that…your boyfriend might come find me and beat me…”

Jimin’s reaction has gone viral among ARMY, many are discussing how he knows he has the hearts of many fans even the ones who have boyfriends/girlfriends.

Some of fans comments on the clip include:

I will give up on every men just to be with park jimin , it’s an easy choice there is no debate

He loved that he knows he’s hot HE KNOWS HE STOLE OUR HEARTS

he went “noo, that’s bad” but smiled and so happy with it silently. MF LIKED IT WAY TOO MUCH

we all know he enjoyed it

The amount of times that i replayed this video is unhealthy

Check out the adorable video below:

What do you think of Jimin’s response?


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