BTS is making headlines for their recent huge accomplishment!

“Black Swan” was a pre-release single on January 17 as part of their mini-album “Map of the Soul: 7.”

“Black Swan” went on to accomplishment many impressive feats including entering Billboard Hot 100 chart and topping real time Korean charts as well shortly after the song was released. It reached no.1 on iTunes top songs chart in 93 countries shortly after its release as well.

ARMY set their eyes on a record that was held by Adele, they wanted to make “Black Swan” the song with the most No.1s on iTunes chart around the world and they’ve finally made it happen.

On July 6, “Black Swan” hit No.1 in its 103rd region making it the song with the most No.1s on iTunes beating Adele’s “Hello” record, which was reached back in October of 2015 in 102 regions around the world.

Congratulations to BTS!


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