Big Hit Announces BTS Reality Show Will Air On JTBC, Here Is Everything You Need To Know

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BTS is returning to Korean TV!

On July 28, fans were surprised to learn that BTS will release a new solo reality series on JTBC. The series will premiere on August 19.

The series is titled “In the SOOP BTS Ver.” (“soop” means “forest” in Korean). It will follow BTS as they spend time doing activities in the woods. Each member will create their own schedules in advance and spend time enjoying activities and hobbies. The members will also host the show themselves with little communication with the production staff.

The series consists of eight 60-minute episodes, the show will premiere on August 19 and air every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST via JTBC. Fans can also see the show on Weverse community starting August 20.

On the platform, an extended 80-minute versions of the episodes will be available, and several unaired behind-the-scenes clips will also be revealed, and that’s not the only good news, there will be a total of 16 videos including the main episodes and behind-the-scenes clips available. Pre-sales begin on Weverse Shop on August 4 at 11 a.m. KST.

Are you excited about the upcoming show?

My Personal Thoughts

I didn’t expect Big Hit to collaborate with JTBC this soon but I ain’t complaining, the probably reached an agreement that suits each party, what I am curious about is how aggressively Big Hit is pushing for Weverse, its brilliant.

As an older fan who has a job outside of all of this and concentrates on the business aspect of Kpop, I am here to tell you, brands dream of establishing as much authority as Big Hit has, its fascinating and a rare sight.

I’ve been seeing twitter + Facebook posts about international fans telling each other to watch everything BTS on Weverse instead of Vlive or any other channel that has BTS content.

To have such a loyal following that will do the leg work for you is impressive and very hard to come by. Despite their agreement with JTBC, Big Hit priority is still Weverse this is why so much more content is available there and I bet more I-fans will watch that content there. The love fans have for BTS is the drive behind how much they support the boys and every single thing attached to them and Big Hit knows it. They’re exploiting that as much as they could to kick start what would’ve otherwise been a very difficult dream.  

Just seeing how hard Big Hit is pushing to dominate with Weverse (and succeeding) must have upset a couple of big heads here and there.

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