“Backstreet Rookie” Receives legal Sanctions For Its Controversial Adult Themes

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The SBS drama has received legal sanctions from the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) due to its controversial scenes.

Previously, it was reported that “Backstreet Rookie” was under review by the KCSC for its 19+ scenes which include an underage female student kissing an adult man, prostitution, moaning sounds, and more.

On July 29, following a subcommittee meeting, the drama received statutory/legal sanction as a “warning.” The “warning” is a heavy penalty that affects the drama reauthorization screening. The subcommittee stated that in the process of their attempts at producing an adult webtoon as PG-15, they showed ‘lack of gender sensitivity’ to the point that it caused viewers ‘discomfort and disgust.’

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The controversial scenes including a high school girl kissing an adult, the camera filming angles of a scene involving Solbin’s character, a scene with a prostitution reference, provocative lines directly taken out from the webtoon, and Dal Sik’s character moaning while drawing naked or nearly naked women.

The reason the drama got into so much trouble is because it was adapted from an adult webtoon, many fans showed concerns about this idea being adapted into a drama. “Backstreet Rookie” production team assured fans that the drama will be a family drama different from the original webtoon, despite their promises the drama ended up with so many scenes that caused issues later on. SBS viewers’ bulletin boards were flooded with messages asking for the drama to be canceled as well.  

“Backstreet Rookie” became one of the dramas that received the most complaints according to the KCSC. The KCSC had judged that the drama violated the regulations on “maintaining integrity” and “language fit for broadcast.”

Previously, SBS review submitted a “conditional broadcasting approval” in preliminary review which basically means that the drama can be broadcasted on the condition that the provocative scenes get deleted. The production team didn’t accept it. The KCSC stated that the legal sanctions are ‘inevitable’ due to the repeated slangs and swear words.

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