ASTRO Moonbin And GFRIEND’s SinB Sibling-like Interactions On Stage Go Viral, SinB’s Face Is EPIC’s-SinB.jpg

Childhood friends ASTRO Moonbin and GFRIEND’s SinB made fans LOL with the way they interacted during a recent broadcast on a music show.

On July 23 episode of “Show Champion,” Moonbin met up with SinB and interviewed her as the show’s MC. GFRIEND was promoting their latest release “Apple,” what attracted attention was the way the two interacted with each other on stage, fans couldn’t help but laugh at SinB’s face.

Moonbin was being extra during the interview portion with SinB while she wasn’t having it, during a portion of the interview; he even danced to their song “Apple.”

After GFRIEND was announced the winner for the day, Moonbin was seen dancing cutely in front of SinB to congratulate her on the win, check out the hilarious video below and some screenshots of their interactions:

Did you know that SinB and Moonbin were friends?

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