ARMY Furious And Disappointed After Big Hit Excluded J-Hope From Their Japanese Showcase VCR, The Event Organizers Apologize


ARMY weren’t happy after finding out that J-Hope was excluded from his group VCR.

On July 18, BTS held a Japanese online showcase and at the beginning showed an opening VCR, however, fans quickly noticed that one member was clearly missing from the equation, J-Hope.

The fandom was both disappointed and furious because this wasn’t the first time J-Hope was excluded from certain BTS promotional material. They began emailing the company asking for an explanation and a correction for the mistake they made. They even made forms to submit to Big Hit in the email.

Later, an email sent by the event organizers explained what exactly went wrong. Apparently, there was sound trouble and the VCR was cut off at first, there was also a problem with the sound, they assured fans they have fixed the issue and the archive will show the correct version including J-Hope.

“We’re deeply sorry for the discomfort and confusion this has caused. We apologize.”

Fans are happy to learn that it wasn’t intentional but an error.  

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