DSP Media has denied the recent allegations made against APRIL Naeun!

On July 22, a netizen ‘A’ posted to an online community about their experience with Naeun, they claimed they were bullied by Naeun and another friend ‘B’ in elementary school.

A says that the three of them were friends but they began to leave her out and bully her. A claims she was too timid to ask why she’s been set aside by Naeun and B, and claims Naeun even told her that she looks like a ‘disabled person.’

A also explains why they didn’t reveal this sooner, claiming that they didn’t like what had happened to them, A says they want an apology,

“I want an apology. Whenever I see Naeun’s face, the memories come back.”

On July 23, a source from Naeun’s agency DSP Media denied the news and stated that the rumors are ‘completely false,’ they will be taking strict legal action against A.

Source: (A)


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