AOA Seolhyun Denies She’s The Group Member Accused Of Setting Off Fire Alarm In A Thai Hotel Due To Smoking

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Is someone targeting AOA Seolhyun?

Recently, an old broadcast regained attention and its causing quite the stir among Kpop fans.

A previous exclusive report by E Channel talked about a girl group member who caused a disturbance at a Thai hotel setting off the fire alarm because she smoked indoors, due to her actions, the hotel guests all had to evacuate the premise. The report is from 2016.

According to the reporter, the idol has ‘pure appearance, slender figure and a good personality,’ she’s also part of a group who has many male fans. The reporter adds that despite her pure appearance she can’t live without cursing and smoking. The girl group member had gone to Thailand to film an advertisement.

Fans began speculating on who the idol could be and rumors began to surface about Seolhyun being that idol, FNC Entertainment came out with a statement shortly after the rumors began threatening legal action against those who continue to accuse Seolhyun of being that idol.

FNC Entertainment denied that Seolhyun is that idol and stated that they’re collecting data to take legal action against those who ‘spread groundless rumors online.’

What do you think of these rumors?

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