AOA Jimin Issues An Official Apology For The Bullying Controversy, Blames It On Being ‘Young’


AOA Jimin has broken her silence regarding the recent controversy but it hasn’t been well received.

On July 4, Jimin issued an apology to her Instagram after the former AOA Mina accused her of bullying her for 10 years ultimately causing her to attempt suicide multiple times.

Initially, Jimin responded shortly with the word ‘fiction’ to Mina’s bullying accusations when she didn’t name her specifically in her posts, after that it got even more heated and Mina revealed more about her struggles in the group. Later, Mina revealed that Jimin came to her home to apologize, angrily, initially threatening to kill herself to make it go away before apologizing to Mina.

Jimin has now issued an apology and it reads,

“I know I can’t put everything in a short post but I am very, very sorry. I was lacking as a leader and I did wrong. I carry this regret and guilt with me, I realized I failed to understand Mina well during the time we spent together and I didn’t look around me carefully.

Yesterday, I begged and apologized and begged again. However, I realized that the emotions Mina built up about me won’t be easily resolved, so I am very sorry.

When I was in my 20s, I believed that our team should only show our good side to the staff and the outside world. That’s what I thought in my early twenties, but now I realize that I was lacking the humane side as a leader in a team.

I’m sorry for causing controversy and I’m sorry for rambling on in the statement. And above all else, I’m sincerely sorry to Mina and the members, who spent a lot of effort for the two of us.”

Despite her apology, many fans thought it was lacking. Many also pointed out how short the statement was in comparison to the torment she caused Mina with the bullying.

Fans continue to demand an actual apology from Jimin and many want her to leave AOA as well for tainting the group image.

FNC has not issued any response to the ongoing controversy yet. What do you think of her apology?


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