A 48 Year Old Man Fined Over 400$ For His Malicious Comment About Sunmi, Here Is The Comment That Got Him In Trouble

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A particular case of an idol suing a malicious commenter has made its way to the internet.

On July 14, a courtroom declared a man who’s 48 years old has to pay 500,000 won ($416.5) for his malicious comment on singer Sunmi.

He left the comment in December of last year; the comment that got him in trouble was,

“Looks like a bar hostess.”

The court ruled that he insulted a public figure and that the victim could feel humiliated by such a comment. Sunmi refused to settle with him and thus it was announced that he would pay a fine.

Sunmi’s agency MAKEUS Entertainment announced that they will continue to do their best to punish those who leave malicious comments about Sunmi.

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