YG Entertainment has infuriated iKON fans again by doing this!

Recently, “Love Scenario” dance practice reached 100 million views, an astonishing milestone that’s a proof of how popular and well-received this song is. It remains the most popular iKON song to date and one of the most popular songs released by an idol group in recent years.

Fans all know that B.I. had a huge role in the making of the song, and they didn’t react well to the way the agency celebrated this milestone.

Their official twitter account posted a photo of a celebratory poster and the poster had no mention of B.I’s name or face. He was nowhere to be found and the photo was cropped out to exclude him from the celebratory poster. The poster had only 6 names.

As you’d expect, the way the agency celebrated this milestone infuriated fans who believe they shouldn’t act like B.I never existed erasing traces of him from his own group achievements and milestones.

In response, fans trended #THANKYOUHANBIN on twitter to celebrate the milestone their own way crediting B.I for making such a great song.  


What do you think of this?


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