One of the most beloved child actors who grew up to be successful adult actors has to be Yeo Jin Go. He grew up right before the nation’s eyes and has transformed into a handsome young man.

During a recent appearance on SBS “Access Showbiz Tonight” he appeared as a guest and discussed a lot of things about himself which included answering questions about his dating life.

Yeo Jin Go has never been publicly involved in dating rumors not even once since he started his acting career, the MC of the show jokingly asked this question when referring to the boyfriend vibes he gives off while making pasta, he said,

“Does your girlfriend like pasta?”

Yeo Jin Go didn’t hesitate to answer him directly and honestly, he said,

“I don’t have a girlfriend but my parents and younger brother like it.”

There has been a lot of interest in Yeo Jin Go’s dating life, when asked if he has no interest in dating or going out on blind dates, he said this,

“I don’t really get that thought; I prefer to meet people naturally.”

On previous broadcast, Yeo Jin Go had also stated that he never dated before.

What do you think of his answer?


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