Woo Do Hwan Is Already In Talks For His First Role After “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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Woo Do Hwan could end up leading OCN’s upcoming drama.

On June 10, it was reported that Woo Do Hwan was cast for the role of the main character in the upcoming OCN drama “Hero.”

However, a source from his agency KeyEast Entertainment clarified that he’s not confirmed for the role and its only one of the projects he’s been offered.

“Hero” is an idea that originated from the thought that a huge invisible force controls the unjust ways of the modern world where the one who does good deeds is treated like a criminal. It tells the story of ordinary people who go up against the evil power that is throwing their society into disorder in their attempt to reach their objectives.

Woo Do Hwan was offered the role of Oh Gyu Tae, a former prosecutor who is now jobless. He used to be an amateur boxing athlete until high school, following the mysterious suicide of his older brother; he gave up that career and studied hard to become a prosecutor. However, after a trial for a troublemaking chaebol assault case, he was unable to control his anger and ended up bringing down the law book on the chaebol’s head.

This forced him to retire from his position and his license was suspended for 10 years. He works part-time at his friend’s tuning shop and is practically jobless.

Screenwriter Park Hee Kang who previously wrote “Possessed” will work on the script.

Woo Do Hwan has been getting a lot of recognition for playing double roles for SBS “The King: Eternal Monarch.” He recently wrapped up filming for this drama.

Do you think Woo Do Hwan should take on the role?

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My Personal Thoughts

Woo Do Hwan + OCN? Please sign me up because I am sold, I am fucking sold. I am so excited about the possibility.

I love OCN dramas and this idea sounds so promising. Woo Do Hwan is more than suitable for this role; I love him in OCN dramas. I remember seeing his performance in “Save Me,” he truly stole the spotlight. He can do playful and serious characters, I just love his energy.

His performance in “The King: Eternal Monarch” showed just how great he is as an actor, it’s about time to see him in a leading role again. I trust this time he’ll make better judgment and choose a good script.

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