Why Fans Think That BTS Jimin Is Being Neglected By Big Hit- Trendings #BeFairToJimin


ARMY are raising issues with the way Big Hit has been treating BTS Jimin!

Fans have been expressing their concerns over how Jimin gets treated opposed to other members of his group. Fans argue that he’s being treated unfairly and getting ignored by Big hit.

The fandom was trending the hashtag #BeFairToJimin calling on Big Hit to give Jimin proper support for his work in general and to give him the chance to participate in more solo activities when they come his way. The fandom is also asking for more solo work for Jimin as they believed he’s been neglected by the agency.

Clips of Jimin talking about interviews in general has also made its way to the discussion, fans argue that Big Hit only allows interviewers to ask ‘approved questions’ and those questions rarely focus on his achievement but rather questions about things like the death threats he received across the years, with no talk about his solo work or accomplishments.

Here are some fans tweets about the subject:


Do you agree? Do you think Jimin is being neglected or do you think the fandom is overreacting?

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