How This Famous Idol (Uee) Ended Up Eating 1 Meal A Day For 8 Years Because Of Body-Shaming Comments

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Idol-turned-actress Uee has shocked fans by what she revealed about herself.

Uee recently appeared on “I live alone” to showcase how she lives her day to day life. She revealed a lot about herself and some of the information she shared shocked her fans.

She talked about her ‘belly fat controversy’ and how it shaped the way she ate for 8 whole years. Uee said that during After School promotions for their song “Bang,” they wore crop tops and it showed her belly, she was criticized for having belly fat,

“I was hurt at a very young age, I wondered ‘do people pay a lot of attention to my belly?’ isn’t this good enough? I cried a lot back then, I was 21 or 22 at the time.”

She revealed that after losing so much weight, people began speculating that she had anorexia as she began promoting as an actress.

She explained,

“Back then, I played a sick patient in the drama, and I was not eating purposefully to lose weight for the role. I filmed a lot of crying and intense scenes so I began eating one meal a day. I think I spent eight years doing that.”

Uee said she was confused by her own actions and believed that the roles where she played sick patients did the best, so she began to believe it was the way she was supposed to look and that netizens loved her like that.

Luckily, Uee says she snapped out of it and has begun taking care of herself, she says she missed out on her own happiness due to that.

Uee had previously caused a lot of concern when pictures about how skinny she’s gotten were posted online previously. Uee used to receive a lot of positive comments during her idols days about her ‘honey thighs.’

We’re glad she’s doing better and has gotten her life back on track!

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