TWICE Nayeon Infamous Stalker shows no signs of slowing down!

Previously, JYP explained in a statement that they have withdrawn the restraining order against the stalker but it will go into effect again once he returns to South Korea. JYP is also pursuing criminal charges among others against the stalker.

For a while nothing was shared about him because of the ongoing pandemic that forced many countries around the world to close their borders and halt flights to other countries.

This meant that it became very difficult for average people to go in or out of South Korea. But now many countries have begun to ease their travel restrictions, the infamous stalker has made a chilling statement and its scaring fans.

He recently wrote this to his social media,

“Hi. Can you please tell (TWICE) Nayeon something important? It’s me, Josh. I am not a stalker. I truly love Nayeon and I need to talk with her about my feelings. Please ask her to give me a chance to explain myself. Please. There is a lot of fake news about me on the internet. And please tell Nayeon that I will come back to Korea as soon as the travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted. (maybe already at the start of July)”

The fact that he could be attempting to return some time in July is scaring fans who have already contacted JYP regarding this and are hoping he gets arrested once he steps foot in South Korea.

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We hope that Nayeon stays safe!


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