TWICE Momo Looked Visibly Nervous On “Show Champion” After Getting Criticized For Her Singing Abilities

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Fans are worried about TWICE Momo after seeing her on “Show Champion.”

The beloved idol took the stage with the rest of her group to perform their newest hit track “MORE & MORE.”

The girl group ended up taking home their second award for this comeback on June 11; however, something ruined the mood for the happy fans and made them feel bad for Momo.

Two days ago, videos of Momo singing the encore after her group took home an award caught attention and a lot of criticism as well. She sang in a shaky voice and off-pitch and got heavy criticism from netizens who thought she should be doing better at this stage of her career.

It seems that Momo is aware of the criticism and hate she received because she looked visibly nervous the next day. Fans noticed that Momo didn’t look her usual bubbly self on “Show Champion,” Jihyo also noticed that Momo wasn’t looking well and patted her on the back during their acceptance speech ahead of their encore stage.

Fans have been leaving positive comments showing concern for Momo and cheering her on.

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We hope Momo is doing well!

You can see the full encore stage below:

Do you think the criticism she received was valid?

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