[BREAKING] TVXQ Changmin Is Getting Married To His Girlfriend, Here Is SM’s Comment On His Future Activities


TVXQ Changmin is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend!

On June 12, Changmin surprised fans by sharing the news himself through a handwritten letter. In the letter, he expressed his nervousness to write it as he has something important to tell his fans.

He said,

“On one hand, my heart feels heavy and apologetic thinking about how the sudden news will shock you and maybe upset some fans who have always supported me with affection. However, I felt that it’s my duty to share news of a major life event through my own words rather than through the words of others.”

He says that he decided to continue his life with the woman whom he had previously confirmed to be dating. The wedding will be held in September when the heat cools down. He says that Yunho supported his decision and was happy for him.

In his closing letter statement, he promised fans to walk on his path with greater responsibility, and will work hard as the head of a household and as TVXQ’s Changmin to give back to the fans who have always loved and supported him.

Following his personal letter, his agency, SM Entertainment confirmed the news in a separate statement. Changmin will be getting married on September 5 to his non-celebrity girlfriend and since she’s a non-celebrity, details about the wedding will not be disclosed to the public.

SM also explained that Changmin will continue to carry out his activities as part of TVXQ.  

Congratulations to Changmin!

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