“Hotel Del Luna” will be remade into an American TV series.

Back in February earlier this year, CJ ENM and Studio Dragon entered into a strategic partnership with the American production company Skydance Media for joint investment in and production of global dramas and films.

Skydance Media is known for producing some of the biggest American movies of all time such as “Terminator” and “Mission Impossible.”

The American remake of “Hotel del Luna” will be written by Alison Schapker, whose previous works include “Fringe,” “Scandal,” and “Alias.”

However, fans of the series aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea, they’re skeptical at best and doubtful that the American remake would do “Hotel del Luna” any justice.

Do you think it’s a good idea?

My Personal Thoughts


“Hotel del Luna” is one of my fav dramas in recent memory and there a lot of elements to it that pertain to Korean culture specifically, I don’t know how well will this be translated into an American series. I just can’t picture it properly.

And it’s not like America has done a great job adapting any Asian movie/drama; I can hardly name anything that’s above decent.

I am afraid “Hotel del Luna” will get butchered and I have zero expectations. I don’t understand why they won’t just add subtitles and broadcast it on American TV. But then I remember many Americans don’t like the idea of reading subtitles (not all, but a good sum of them).

Out of all the dramas they could’ve picked, they picked one where the plot revolves around the past, something that is very difficult to replicate. There are many other kdramas they could’ve picked and I am afraid they have no idea what they’re doing. If it was me, I would pick another project that can be easily adapted into American culture and I would not touch any historical kdramas.


  1. It may work if they put a “Dead like me spin to it” but currently American history is a bit triggering right now. If they get anything historically wrong, or right or fictionalized they are toast. It may be D.O.A.


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