The Shocking Truth About Kim Soo Hyun’s Childhood, How His Father Abandoned Him And Started A New Family

Behind that beautiful happy smile is a childhood that’s a lot less happy than what fans had assumed.

Did you know that Kim Soo Hyun was raised by his mother alone? Why did this happen? Today, we’re here to discuss the unknown truth about Kim Soo Hyun’s father and how he abandoned him when he was a little kid.

Kim Soo Hyun is an only child and is the son of singer Kim Chung Hoon, he used to be the lead singer of an 80s band called Seven Dolphins. He left his son and his wife when Kim Soo Hyun was a little child and had no involvement in his upbringing for most of his life. His parents got a divorce when he was young.

This is why many dedicated Kim Soo Hyun fans don’t have a good impression of his father. He even hid the fact that he had a half-sister from him, he had started a new family after leaving him; Kim Soo Hyun found out about his half-sister in 2016 through news outlets like the rest of us.

His half-sister name is Kim Joo Na, and when she debuted as a singer, news spread that she was his half-sister. She also appeared on Produce 101.

Through his agency, Kim Soo Hyun had told news outlets that he was shocked to learn of her existence but still wished her the best.

The father even brought up his son not too long ago during an interview infuriating fans; this was before his military discharge. Kim Chung Hoon appeared on a radio show to promote his new album and discussed his relationship with his son.

He even said he hasn’t seen him but plans on having a meal with him. Netizens at the time didn’t mince words and fired back with comments such as ‘so shameless of him,’ ‘he wasn’t a part of his life, now he wants to come back,’ and more.

Kim Soo Hyun is currently leading the new tvN drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” which has been doing well in ratings.

Are you shocked to learn about Kim Soo Hyun’s childhood?

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