The NCT Fandom Writes An Official Letter Requesting Taeyong’s Withdrawal From The Group Because of This


The Korean NCT fandom has published a long complaint document requesting the withdrawal of member Taeyong from the group due to his bullying controversy that recently re-emerged.

The long document details the reasons why the fandom wants him out of the group, stating he’s harming NCT brand image because he’s a part of the group.  

Some of the bold lines go into detail about how his pre-debut controversies affected the way the public perceives the groups and how he tainted their image.

They explain they took SM’s statement at face value and believed Taeyong has been repenting but due to the recent emerging details regarding the bullying controversy, they’re requesting his departure.

The main reasons as stated: (translation credit goes to this)

1. Taeyong has never given a feedback regarding the issues he was dealing with, in this manner, he shouldn’t be allowed to promote

2. The fandom has lost trust in Taeyong regarding the school violence involvement and how he handled the situation so badly

3. By allowing him to continue promotions would be like killing the victim and the informant twice

4. Disrupting NCT’s image and growth, and contributing to their fame decline

They also attempted to trend hashtags in Korean demanding his withdrawal from the group.

However, the international side of the fandom is completely against this. They counter attacked their document trending their own hashtags #AlwaysHereForTaeyong and  #태용이의_사랑은_툥프들이_알아expressing their undying support to Taeyong.

SM is yet to respond to the fandom request.

What do you think of this?


  1. Why are sm stans always like this… Past is past the day he chose to be an idol is the day he fixed and lived his life as a better human… Why are u all so toxic… Try to stand in his shoes… And think about yourself are u good enough to judge where he should be.. Widraw from the group or not is not your to decide.. Let the man live… I didn’t support his past life whether he was a bully or not.!! If u consider being a fan try to understand him and educate him if he was in the wrong… Everyone wants to live and make money… Why are u trying to cancel him over past things…?? He must have reflected himself and felt bad enough and why are u putting salt on his wounds… Are u good enough to cancel him??

    • I like how respectful you are about it. I truly hope he has changed for the better and deserves the chance to prove it. I don’t condone bullying but I also don’t like canceling someone over their past.


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