The 2020 Soribada Awards Apologizes To EXO For Excluding Them From Its Nominees List, Will Correct The Error


The 2020 Soribada Awards gained a lot of attention last night after their initial statement to concerned fans about the exclusion of EXO from their nominee’s list for the Bongsang award despite the fact that they met the criteria.

On June 12, they issued an official apology to their twitter account; they confirmed that there ‘were serious professional errors’ during their processes such as delivering information and the communication between the staff and the agency running the awards show.

They stated,

“We bow our heads in apology to the fans who suffered due to our inadequate handling of this matter.

We plan to include the group EXO and its members as normal on the list of nominees for the Bonsang.”

They also stated that they have confirmed that another artist was also omitted from the nominees list and after reviewing this with their staff, they will make an official announcement. The announcement will be made on June 16.

In their closing statement, they promised to do everything possible so such an error never occurs again from their staff and apologized again.  

What do you think of their apology?


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