Sunmi Confidently Shuts Down Boob Job Rumors Once Again

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Sunmi shut down haters false claims about her once again!

Sunmi has recently made her comeback with “pporappippam” and appeared on 1TheK’s ‘Look Me Up.’

She took a look at information about her on various websites online including communities and netizen comments.

While reading her profile page, she stumbled upon the viral video of her performance from “Water Bomb Festival” in 2018. Back then, Sunmi had to shut down rumors about getting breast implants after netizens began to claim she did.

Sunmi saw the video and commented,

“After that festival, if you search my name, the top keyword that would come out was ‘Sunmi boob job.’ Honestly, it’s not like I can show you an x-ray. Also, they’re not that big. I think it’s because of how it is compared to my body, but I didn’t get them done.”

The topic came up again later in the video, a viral instagram photo of Sunmi in a semi-topless photo was the topic of discussion among fans, she explained,

“My younger brother took this. He’s majoring in photography. This picture actually has more likes than my comeback teaser video. It’s true that people like it when you show more skin.

After that, some overseas fans commented things like ‘just admit you got them done,’ so here I am admitting I didn’t get a boob job, and they’re not big anyways.”

You can check out the full interview below:

What do you think of her response?

My Personal Thoughts

Sunmi doesn’t have to tell me that she didn’t get a boob job for me to believe it; it’s obvious she didn’t get anything done. And even if she did, I fail to see why this is a big deal.

She used to be very skinny and gained some weight through exercise as many of you already know. FYI, women gain weight in different areas depending on their body type and it appears that she gained it in her chest area.

It might be because I know a lot about plastic surgery but her boobs wouldn’t look like that if they were done, generally speaking, women can easily tell so I don’t know who’s leaving these comments, bitter clueless women or confused men…

On the brighter side, I enjoyed her interview a lot. I love this woman and her new song is a bop.

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