The Soribada Awards have recently revealed their nominees list and fans noticed that a very big boy group name was excluded from the list.

EXO wasn’t one of the nominees despite fulfilling the criteria for getting nominated; EXO-Ls soon made a big deal about this and demanded an explanation from the award organizers.

When the explanation was given, the fandom went crazy and many have since heavily criticized the award show for their response.

Soribada Awards says that the nominees list is selected through ‘our internal standards and regulations,’ they stated that in the case of EXO, the group had issues with one member leaving it during the selection period (2019.08.01~2020.04.30).

The very weird thing is that no one left EXO during that period. Lay is still a part of the group despite being unable to perform with them while Chen is also still part of the group per SM statement; their statement confused a lot of people and also created controversy.

When fans had a look at the criteria for getting nominated, the said issue they stated with their response was not part of the disqualification list. Fans are pretty upset about the reasoning and have trended hashtags demanding an explanation, the hashtag topped worldwide trends as fans expressed their fury with the award show for disqualifying EXO.

This awards show will take place on August 19 and the venue location will be revealed at a later date.

What do you think of this?


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