“Running Man” Message Board Forced To Close Due To The Terrible Hate Comments Attacking Jung So Min


SBS’s “Running Man” audience message board can no longer be publicly accessed.

On June 9, an announcement was posted to “Running Man” website. And it explained that due to ‘malicious comments such as verbal abuse, excessive slander, and impersonation of cast members,” the board is no longer made public.

Many popular variety shows in South Korea use the message board as a way to connect with their audience, fans can discuss the most recent episodes and communicate with the production staff and cast members, and it’s also a place where the production team can find legitimate critique of their show.

As previously reported, Jung So Min has warned her fans that someone was impersonating her on the “Running Man” group chat. She’s the member suffering the most from terrible malicious comments, some accusing her of taking other cast members’ screen time and calling her all sorts of ugly names.

Fans are very sad to see the message board go away but at the same relieved that Jung So Min won’t read such terrible comments again.  

What are your thoughts on this?

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