Red Velvet Seulgi Is As Excited As The Rest Of Us About BLACKPINK Comeback, She Said This To Jisoo


Blackvelvet enthusiasts assemble!

Seulgi and Jisoo recently had the cutest interaction with each other on instagram and fans can’t stop talking about it.

BLACKPINK has begun teasing for their comeback and the members began posting the teasers to their instagram. Jisoo posted one of the teasers to her account and Seulgi wrote,

“Me, me, I’m looking forward to it!” referring to their pending comeback, and added,

“I came here racing again, and I am anticipating it, so please come out soon.”

Jisoo saw her cute and attempted to reply back but she was unsuccessful, so she went to one of her instagram posts to write,

“I attempted to reply but pressed the ‘x’ button instead and erased your comment… I am sorry, I love you.”

Seulgi replied with,

“You’re so cute.”

Apparently, Jisoo was mistaken, she only deleted the comment she wanted to reply with but not Seulgi’s comment, when she found one of her comments she wrote back,

“Oh, here is the comment. Did I not erase it? haha, you’re an angel. Thank you, kkang.”

BLACKPINK are set to release their pre-release single on June 26 while Seugli is currently preparing for Red Velvet’s first subunit alongside Irene.


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