Rapper Swings And Bora Delete All Traces Of Each Other On Social Media, Are They Over? Agency Responds


Fans are curious about Rapper Swings and girlfriend Bora’s current relationship status!

The couple has been dating publicly since April 2017, and has on numerous occasions shown their love publicly for each other unlike most Korean celebrity couple, overcoming their age gap of 9 years.

Recently, fans noticed that Swings and Bora have both deleted all traces of each other from their Instagram accounts. All their selfies together are nowhere to be found. On Bora’s YouTube channel, she appeared to have deleted a video of them together; another video of their joint cooking class has also been deleted.

Due to their actions on social media, people began to debate if they’re over. News outlets reached out to Swing’s label, however, they refused to comment on their relationship status, they said,

“It’s hard to check the details since its their private lives.”

What do you think of this?

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