Netizens Petition To SBS To Cancel “Backstreet Rookie” Over Sexually Explicit Controversial Scenes

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Despite the huge publicity, a lot of it is backfiring on SBS shortly after the first episode of “Backstreet Rookie” aired.

“Backstreet Rookie” has taken over “The King: Eternal Monarch” time slot and marks the comeback project of two hallyu stars, Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook. Fans had high expectations of the series but were confused and disappointed after the first episode aired.

One of the very first problematic scenes aired in first minute of the episode is of high school student Jung Saet-byeol (Kim Yoo Jung) kissing her 30 year old male co-star Choi Dae-hyun (Ji Chang Wook). Many netizens found the content problematic to say the least but it doesn’t end there.

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Netizens also had issues with the camera filming angles for some of the scenes in “Backstreet Rookie.” One scene where high school students dance is filmed looking up to their chests and filming from down to up.

In another scene, Choi Dae-hyun goes to find Jung Saet-byeol’s house only to accidentally get arrested for prostitution. The scene shows a woman wearing a maid uniform and a grown man in a gown watching him get arrested.

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In addition to that, Choi Dae-hyun’s high school alumni friend Han Dal-shik (Moon Suk) plays the role of a webtoon writer who draws figures of naked women, his scene shows his character moaning bouncing up and down while drawing his webtoon. International fans also found it problematic how the character is appropriating Jamaican culture with his hairstyle.  

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As a result of the many shocking sexually suggestive scenes, netizens have petitioned to SBS bulletin board asking for the drama to be canceled. There are over 26 thousand posts demanding this as of this writing.  

SBS has not issued a response yet to the backlash over “Backstreet Rookie.”

What do you think of this?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. I dont get it! What’s wrong with you people! If you dont like it dont watch it! Lols. Poor people. Backstreet Rookie is s very cool drama. I enjoyed watching it. Everything scene is fun to watch! Its 2020 people!

  2. I think they are crazy. Period. And that’s why korean idols and actors commit suicide so often. The drama is fine and the actors are very sweet together. I don’t care about the age gap and the sexual scene, because this is life (and the sex is an important part of it).

  3. Do not bash me for my opinion, For me there is nothing wrong with the whole plot scene in.episode one regards with the sensitive part e.g the “smack kiss” again all dramas to be watch there is noted and strictly advice “PARENTAL GUIDANCE” there is ratings for each drama has been given accordingly from minors to ages to serious part. I hope before the drama release I believe there been an agreement that this drama is okay to publish.

  4. No, to censorship. Do not give in to anything or anyone, artistic freedom should never be hindered. To be strong. The chain must accompany the choice of its programs with maturity, modernity and determination She must not submit in the pressure of is extremist bullshit. Support Backstreet Rookie.

  5. Backstreet Rookie should NOT be cancelled! People are over reacting and let the series go on. There are many other shows that feature violence and crime. Get some perspective people!

  6. It was beautifully done, captive in the very first episodes. There was nothing inappropriate. Bullying exist, teenagers who want to smoke but he said no. A kiss is a problem? In today society there is no problem showing violence then a kiss? Really? This drama is real not some bullshit like “ king monarch” or this how you teach girls a imagenary rich man is better than a real one. As for Jamaican man he was cute. Why men don’t watch girls naked why ? Do you want him to get excited over man? It is ok for movies when a girl pretend to be a man and that is so wrong in so many levels than a man getting excited over girls naked? The fact that they don’t like it that means is good.

  7. I wish they didn’t cancelled this drama because its really good they just dint appreciate it that’s why. NoToCancelledBackstreetRookie

  8. This is so ridiculous, BR is just reflecting on certain reality in this world. Rather then to see past the light peck on lips from a 19 year old, and notice that the encounter did change SB’s direction in life. It made her felt that she also deserve love and care. All these feminist extremists Knetz that made such a fuss, need to get out of their bubbles and see the real world as it is. This is not a perfect world, no one is perfect, the drama tried to convey the message that we live in an imperfect world, everyone deserves a second chance and those biased knetz with their tinted glasses are the flawed ones that hold prejudices toward anything that disagree with them, bunch of hypocrites!!

    1. All of his work has been action. This is a webtoon drama so it’s gonna be cringy and funny and what not. It’s not as serious as all his other work but it’s nice for him to actually explore more options as a ACTOR and not stick to one thing. So I’m glad he’s doing different kinds of genres.

  9. These people are overeacting, like if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! It’s not even a big deal, get over it! It’s 2020 people, there are actual problems happening right now in the world, don’t waste your time hating something that doesn’t deserve the hate. P.S. Backstreet Rookie is a really good drama. So aesthetic, realistic, and funny. I hope people believe my review of the drama and watch it, rather than the bullsh*t that those haters say.

  10. This bash is rubbish. The movie like “obsessed” was welcomed by Koreans with open arms. This is nothing as compared to that. Also, the first kiss is too little to make a fuss about. Instead, the king eternal monarch had more seductive kiss on neck and was accepted. The room where Mr. Choi was being arrested for prostitution, goes with the theme and the dress up was appropriate for such a scene. Had it been softer, netizens would have issues with that too. The character of webtoonist confessed his state of mind while drawing and how his feelings grow and becomes uncontrollable. The jumping and moaning made it look realistic. Rather than appreciating them for their brilliant acting and quite an interesting plot, ppl are just taking time out to find flaws. There have been many dramas which start with a kiss, whats the big deal? Ppl are okay with wearing such small skirts in Korea that can barely cover their butts but have issues with filming a scene where angles have shifted just a bit? Are you really okay with high schoolers dancing with such short skirts, legs wide open, showing their ass skin as and when possible in karaoke night? Then why are you not okay if in a drama they are filmed with an angle with an iota difference to normal where their privacy to their “so called private parts” is still maintained? In Korea, one cannot wear deep necks but can wear the skirt that ends at the hem of an underwear. Wow.. heights of hypocrisy. There has to be a logic behind every bash, this one doesn’t have any. This drama is cute and funny. This is for entertainment rather than for criticising and getting stressed upon. We should be appreciative of ppl who work hard to get things for us to watch on platter while we only run our fingers on phone to criticize, the actors who sweat out everyday to get that one perfect shot and the staff who holds lights, umbrellas etc to get perfect background. Hatred is easy, love is difficult. Finding flaws is easy, finding beauty is difficult. It’s all about how controlled your mind is.

  11. It’s not really my culture, so I wouldn’t tell people how to react to certain scenes. My main problem with this is the creators promoting this as a family friendly kdrama when it actually has a rating of 15+ and up. Should have taken that into account.

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