NCT Taeyong Misses His First Official Schedule EVER Since Debut, Fans Afraid Its Because Of The False Harmful Rumors


NCT 127 Taeyong missed his group performance on “Music Bank” today.

The announcement was made by SM on June 26, in their official statement, they revealed that Taeyong will not appear on today’s recording of “Music Bank” due to health reasons.

SM asked fans for their understanding and promised to work hard so Taeyong could greet fans as quickly as possible.

The news was shocking to fans because Taeyong rarely misses any of his group schedules, many are afraid the recent false rumors have taken a toll on his health.

The informant in his bullying scandal was revealed to have fabricated kakaotalk conversations to take it look like the victim wasn’t feeling Taeyong’s remorse, this caused him a lot of hate and he got a lot of harmful hurtful comments because of that.

Later, SM announced they’re suing the informant and will sue anyone who posts malicious false rumors as well.

Fans are wishing a speedy recovery for Taeyong!


  1. I mean, they can sue all they want, but I really hope that he’s okay. It’s this kind of treatment of stars you see before something serious happens, and we can’t wait til they’re pushed to the edge to do a mental check in or say sorry . It is so avoidable. I don’t care what he or anyone else did bad in the past. Many people demand forgiveness and redemption without doing anything to deserve it, or showing any different behavior. Taeyoung has shown to be such a gentle soul since he’s been in the public eye, that this shouldn’t be making the impact that it seems to be having.
    Now there seems to be a lot of positivity in the comments under the video of their stage today, so hopefully they can take solace in that, but it seems mostly from international fans.


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