[BREAKING] Lee Joon and Jung So Min Have Ended Their Relationship After Dating For 3 Years, Why?

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Lee Joon and Jung So Min have ended their relationship 3 years later.

According to an exclusive report by Dispatch, Lee Joon and Jung So Min recently called their relationship off, deciding to remain in a hoobae-sunbae relationship supporting each other from afar.

The popular couple met on the set of the hit 2017 drama “Father is Strange,” and were ‘exposed’ to be dating by Dispatch themselves on January 1st, 2018. They had begun dating after the drama ended its run.

A source close to the former couple told Dispatch that they drifted apart as they spent time doing other schedules; they’ve decided to focus on their work for the time being.

Later, both actors’ agencies confirmed the news.

Lee Joon’s agency PrainTPC told news outlets that they’ve recently broken up and that he’s planning on greeting the public with a good project soon.

While Jung So Min’s agency Blossom Entertainment came out with a similar statement adding they decided to remain colleagues.

Fans are upset by the sad news, Jung So Min had waited for Lee Joon while he served the military and fans believed they were destined for each other.

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In related news, Jung So Min recent drama “Fix You” aired its last episode last night, while Lee Joon is looking over his next comeback project.

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