All we want in life is for someone to look at us the same way Lee Hongki looks at EXO D.O!

EXO D.O, Lee Hongki and Xiumin have recently landed roles in the military musical “Return.” Photos of them putting on the Korean flag badges on each other during rehearsal have been recently released and they have gone viral.

Fans pointed out just how sentimental Lee Hongki is glancing at EXO D.O. They found it absolutely adorable and one fan even asked him about it.

Lee Hongki updated his Instagram photo recently and one fans asked him why he was looking that way at D.O, Lee Hongki answered back the only way we expected him to, he said,

“Kyungsoo [D.O’s real name] is my girlfriend.”

There you go guys, you finally know why he was looking at him that way!

Check out the epic photos:

What do you think of these epic photos?


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