Kim Yo Han’s recent interview has gained attention from his fans as well as ARMY!

The singer recently did a photoshoot with @star1 magazine and sat down for an interview afterward to talk about himself, his role model, and his hobbies.

Kim Yo Han says he’s a homebody and talked about his recent hobbies,

“I’m the type of person who never leaves their room once they enter it.

I like lying down by myself, listening to music and playing games. I am really into mobile games and nano blocks.”

Kim Yo Han also said he wants to greet fans again on stage, he’s approaching his one-year anniversary and about that he said,

“It still doesn’t feel real and I think I am lacking in many areas. I want to find qualities in myself that I can fix and work hard to improve.”

He also responded to a question asking him about his role model, he named BTS V and explained why,

“I want to be like him when I am performing. He shows splendid performances, like an artist.”  

What do you think of his answer?

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