Is Gugudan Over? Member Sally Says The Label Told The Group To Leave The Dorm And Not Bother Come Back

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Fans are wondering what happened to rising girl group Gugudan!

Gugudan member Sally has raised fear among fans with her recent interview!

Gugudan has been inactive as a group since November 2018, fans have been demanding an answer from the label for the longest time, the label continues to ignore fans’ demands of an explanation and it looks like we finally have a vague idea about what happened.

UPDATE: [BREAKING] gugudan to disband on December 31st, 2020.

Gugudan member Sally is currently a participant of the Chinese idol reality show “Produce Camp 2020.” She was recently interviewed and said something very concerning.

During the interview, Sally talked about the difficult times she’s been through and how she debuted 5 months after training in the group, she said,

“I sensed a big difference between the members then. Two of them were already well-known, so there was this big gap. They already had fans and had eyes on them.”

Sally also opened up about what happened in early 2019.

Apparently, towards the beginning of 2019, the label told her and the rest of the group to pack their bags, take back their stuff from the dorm and go home. When the members asked ‘until when?’ the company told them, ‘don’t come back until we tell you to come back.’ Sally says they realized what was happening then.

Sally says the members resisted but they ended up caving in because they couldn’t stay in the dorm anymore. But she says she couldn’t do the same,

“I had no way of going back home, so I resisted, I didn’t want to go back home because then, my parents would tell me to leave everything behind and stay by their side after finding out about my situation. My parents still have no idea that this has happened.”

Fans are afraid of Gugudan’s future, the Chinese article has been translated by many Korean media and fans have raised their concerns, Jellyfish Ent. still hasn’t responded to those rumors.

What do you think will happen?

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