International fans are furious after finding out this about rookie girl group Secret Number!

Rookie girl group Secret Number debuted a couple of weeks ago and is considered one of the rising girl groups of 2020, the group has many multinational members from all around the world, the group made headlines previously for including the first Indonesian idol ever in a Kpop group.

One of the group members, Denise, is Korean-American and earlier today posted stories to her instagram to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. She included ways her followers could support the movement signing petitions, donating and such.

However, fans noticed that her entire account was suddenly deactivated and emptied, all of her posts were deleted and the profile is nowhere to be found.

On top of that, her recent selfie on her group official instagram account was also recently deleted and her SoundCloud account has also disappeared.

Fans are accusing their agency, Vine Entertainment, of silencing Denise for speaking up about the movement and have been constantly demanding they bring back her instagram account and issue a statement on the matter.

The agency has not responded to the accusations yet, however, if you visit the group official Instagram account you will notice a lot of comments from international fans heavily criticizing the label.

What are your thoughts on this? ⁣⁣


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