Good Day NY Anchor Asks TXT About Donald Trump Rally And It’s The Most Awkward Interview You’ll Ever See


Fans are upset with Good Day New York for something their anchor asked TXT!

TXT are among the artists joining KCON online concerts and to promote it, the members guest-starred on Good Day New York for the first time via video call. However, the interview turned awkward pretty fast upsetting fans of the group.

The anchor asked them,

“I have to ask you, but I don’t know if you know anything about this. Apparently, over the weekend, the President of the United States was having a big rally. And, he thought a million people would show up. But, a lot of K-Pop fans have said they actually got the tickets and faked out the president. Do you know anything about that whole movement of TikTok users and K-Pop fans getting those tickets for Trump’s rally and not showing up?”

TXT can be visibly seen caught off guard, there was a long pause as the members didn’t know how to answer it, Yeonjun steered the interview back to what it was about, he said,  

“We don’t know. We’re just preparing for KCON:TACT, and we were practicing. That’s all.”

Fans of TXT thought it was pretty unprofessional from the anchor to have asked the group such a question, they were there to promote KCON and they’re only a kpop group with no obligation to comment on the U.S political affairs.

The anchor apologized via twitter stating she didn’t know it would upset fans this much.

You can check out the interview below:

What do you think of this situation?

My Personal Thoughts

Well… that was very difficult to sit through I’ll tell you that… I think this is probably the most awkward interview I’ve ever seen in a long long time.

I don’t know if there was any malice intent behind the question but I understand the temptation to ask such a thing especially for someone who knows nothing about Kpop and was trying to get that juicy response.

The Average American wouldn’t really know that SK groups are pretty apolitical and rarely speak about politics of their own country. What would make you think they’d answer a question about your country?  

For a rookie group that was probably very nervous to be interviewed by GA, they handled it a lot better than I expected them to. Aside from the question, these boys are teenagers, what answer could they give you? What insights do they have in life to provide an interesting or even logical answer to your controversial question?

I think this wasn’t among the agreed-upon questions because Big Hit would have never okayed this, but it boggles me that no one does the bare minimum research before interviewing someone if they plan on steering away from the main conversation.

I am not that surprised tho and I expect more kpop acts will be asked this in the future because of everything that’s happening now, it won’t be the last fuck up, but I can’t really say I am surprised.


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