On June 9, one twitter user claimed that they were a victim of bullying by Cha Jun Ho.

‘A’ claimed that he used to bully them along with his female friends when A was in 5th grade and even claims the homerun teacher knows about it.

A goes on to claim that Cha Jun Ho made their school life difficult and would swear and make personal attacks against the kids in their class who were lacking in terms of looks, clothing or else.

To prove their legitimacy, A shared a photo of their graduation album and text message they had exchange with people around them regarding this situation.

Still, many of Cha Jun Ho’s fans didn’t believe those claims and thought they lacked evidence.  

Woollim Entertainment was made aware of the situation and they have released an official statement confirming the rumors are ‘groundless’ and ‘false’ after checking with their trainee. They promised to take strict legal action against such ‘malicious unconfirmed content that harms their trainees.’

They also promised to do their best in protecting their artists and trainees by taking strong legal action without leniency against false rumors and malicious rumors.


What are your thoughts on this?


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