Former The Grace Member Stephanie (32) Is Dating Former American Major League Baseball Player Brady Anderson (56)

This is probably one of the most surprising dating news we’ll ever cover!

On June 26, Korean news outlets began reporting that former CSJH aka the Grace member Stephanie is dating Brady Anderson, one of the biggest American major league baseball players.

According to the reports, they first met in 2012 and maintained a close friendship since then, they recently began dating as their friendship progressed to that of lovers.

Stephanie was born in 1987 and Anderson was born in 1964. The two have an age gap of 22 years.

Stephanie is currently working with a ballet team in Los Angeles. After the rumors began, she confirmed the dating news on her instagram with a handwritten letter.

She says she couldn’t tell fans the news because she’s not represented by an agency at the moment, however, she denied the rumors that she’s retiring (as some news outlets claimed), she asked for netizens to stop creating false rumors of that kind in her letter.

She added that they’re doing well together and asked her fans to look favorably upon them.

Stephanie debuted as a member of the kpop group The Grace in 2005; she became a solo artist in 2012.

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