Former AOA Member Mina Shows Malicious DM From Netizen Calling Her ‘Attention Seeking’

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Mina has had enough with malicious hateful comments!

On June 16, Mina posted a screenshot of a malicious DM conversation she’s had with a hater, she captioned,

“I am not usually the type to get easily hurt by malicious comments and such, but I am having a hard time lately so let’s not do this.”

Here is the translation of the conversation she had with the netizen:

A: Hey, attention seeking b*tch

Mina: if you do this one more time, I’ll take legal action

A: do you have the celebrity disease or something? It’s always the ones without any talent going on about that.

Mina: why are you doing this to me?

A: Hey, fuck off… hehehhe, you literally have nothing better to do, you ***”

Mina debuted as part of AOA in 2012 and departed the group in 2018 when it came to their contract renewals. She has been focusing on her career as an actress since then.

Mina recently revealed that both her grandma and dog passed away, and has been posting a series of alarming posts to her Instagram. Fans are deeply concerned about her.

Fans have been encouraging Mina to sue the malicious commenter for his/her terrible comments.

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