EXO Suho’s Real Nature Shown In Military, His Considerate Actions Make Headlines


EXO Suho is making headlines for his actions at his military base.

On June 21, one tweet got the attention of EXO-Ls, a fan of Suho posted about how he bought meals for his peers citing that her boyfriend is training with Suho, he had contacted them and said he’d buy them a meal, Suho even gave the fan his autograph.

This wasn’t the only nice thing the fan had to say about Suho, the fan also talked about how famous Suho is for taking care of his friends at the base. He always makes sure to contact them and take care of them.

Suho enlisted on May 14 becoming the third EXO member to do so, he’s currently serving as a public service worker after he finished his basic training.

Fans are happy to hear such pleasant news, Suho is known for his kind nature and his tendency to take care of those surrounding him, this is why he’s EXO’s leader.

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