EXO-L ACE are not giving up just yet!

The infamous EXO ‘fans’ portion has been causing lots of issues for the fandom by their embarrassing actions and their latest attempts are infuriating fans even more.

EXO-L ACE has posted a couple times to their twitter account announcing their plans to buy a newspaper ad demanding EXO Chen exit from the group.

After their ad campaign in Chen’s hometown was met with terrible failure, they chose to still persist and not give up on their quest to embarrass the fandom and EXO.

They’re raising funds to put the ad on a major newspaper in South Korea on the front page, they need around $2500 to do that and have been updating about their progress. They even recently stated that they’ve contacted SM regarding their plans and will push through for the ad to be placed this June.

As you’d expect, normal EXO-Ls reaction to this was fury and disappointment. They’re asking those ‘fans’ to stop embarrassing the fandom, they have been doing this since January back when the news was initially announced.


What do you think of their actions?


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