Dispatch Exposes The Informant Obsession With NCT Taeyong And Attempts To Ruin His Reputation, SM Announces Strict Legal Action


NCT Taeyong has been the subject of many online discussions for the past months, after the informant ‘A’ who help the victim ‘B’ get their justice spoke up about how Taeyong treated ‘B’ in the past.

Not too long ago, ‘A’ claimed they were getting threatening messages from Taeyong’s fans who exposed their location, private information and threatened to do more because of the pain ‘A’ had allegedly caused Taeyong by spreading the bullying rumors.

Fans were split into two sides; the Korean side wrote a letter to SM demanding they kick him out of the group, while the international side was very defensive and wanted SM to sue the malicious haters and commenters.

‘A’ then starting alleging that ‘B’ didn’t feel Taeyong’s sincerity in his apology which added fuel to the fire.

On June 24, Dispatch dropped a detailed report backing up Taeyong and his efforts to change for the better following his troubled past. The report detailed how obsessed the informant was with Taeyong and how they fabricated ‘leaked’ kakaotalk messages in which ‘A’ claimed that ‘B’ didn’t feel Taeyong’s sincerity in his apology.

Dispatch also details how far Taeyong has gone to make up for his past mistakes; he’s been volunteering and donating to charity. You can read the full translated report by Pannative here.  

But what did SM do?

At last, SM decided to speak up and stand up for Taeyong, in an official statement, SM revealed that he has been getting terrible hate and malicious rumors targeting him. They specifically mention the informant who continued to post ‘one-sided claims and distorted facts’ on the internet.

SM also explained why they didn’t take legal action before, Taeyong didn’t want to cause secondary harm to ‘B,’ SM explains they were aware of what’s going on but held back due to this.

SM stated that people have gone too far and they will no longer tolerate such terrible rumors being made about him, they will take strong legal action for defamation against the informant.

They will also take strict legal action against those who continue to spread informant ‘A’ information around as if they were facts and against anyone who leaves malicious comments towards Taeyong and his family.

What do you think of this?


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