DAY6 Jae Publicly Calls Out JYP’s Lack Of Support For His Activities + JYP Responds And Claims They Solved The Issue

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DAY6 Jae has publicly opened up about his frustration with the way JYP has been promoting him; he feels that he lacks the support he needs from his agency and in-house label Studio J, which manages the band.

In a series of tweets, Jae talked about how he felt. In one tweet, he shared,

“Why don’t you repost my Dive stuff?”

He was referencing the fact that the content was shared from Dive studios and he was wondering why his own content wasn’t shared as well.

In another tweet, he said,

“Even if we’re just talking about my recent activities, I have my podcast, ‘HWAITING‘ on Facebook, and my collaboration with 88rising, why don’t you ever post about the activities I do?”

In another tweet, he said something that infuriated fans and prompted many of them to trend hashtags demanding justice, he said,

“I’ve barely been able to get permission to open my YouTube channel after begging for one, still, I felt like I was walking on eggshells, I did everything by myself and even had to put an end to the channel because I was told ‘people at the company don’t view it favorably.’

But how are different members able to happily do that with the managers creating schedule, and the company provides funds for the content as well as other help?”

After DAY6 Jae’s tweets, fans were angry and trended many hashtags including #JusticeforJAE and #JYPisoverparty. Fans demanded a response from JYP and asking for better promotions for all DAY6 members.

Later, on the evening of June 30, Jae posted again to twitter, this time, he apologized, he tweeted,

“After talking with my company again, I think there were many misunderstandings. I want to say I am sorry for causing concern with my post.

And what I wanted to express was a personal problem between me and the company and it’s unrelated to the members, I never even thought that it was.

I would like to apologize for worrying my day by not thinking it thoroughly.”

JYP Entertainment also told the news outlet Newsen that they were able to ‘clear up some misunderstandings’ that happened between them. They stated they will be more cautious in the future so such a thing never happens again.

Despite JYP’s response, fans anger didn’t subside, many continue to criticize the label for the way they treat their artists and for the lacking of promotions for some of them.

What do you think of this situation?

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  1. I hope the company resolves this kind of issues. Not only Jae experience this kind of mistreatment same goes by their other artist. Hoping for the company to treat each and every artist fairly.

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