BTS V Expresses Disappointment After His First Solo Song “Stigma” Ranking Was Revealed, ARMY Did This To Cheer Him Up

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The BTS V effect is here, again!

On June 13, BTS appeared on “FM 0.6 13” and talked about a lot of things including the ranking for their songs, fans had voted their favorite V song, “Winter Bear”, “Singularity”, and “Sweet Night” ranked 1, 2, and 3, respectively, however, his first solo song “Stigma” ranked at number 6.

BTS V said he felt sad about it and added that he practiced for 2 months to be able to sing this song well.

After ARMY learned of this they decided to make it up for him the best way possible, after the live show, “Stigma” ranked no.1 on Korea’s trending twitter tab. The song began charting on various iTunes charts across the world. It ranked No.1 in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Kenya and more. It also entered the top 30 in the UK for the first time ever, peaking at number 22.

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“Stigma” was released in 2016 and was composed by V himself.

Which solo V song is your personal favorite?

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