On June 4, one Vietnamese media outlet sparked debate about Agust D 2nd mixtape song “What Do You Think?”

They alleged that the song contains derogatory Vietnamese words and has sampled a speech from the controversial Vietnamese president Ngô Đình Diệm, who was assassinated; he had killed so many innocent people and caused pain for the Vietnamese society.

In response to those rumors, Big Hit Entertainment issued a statement on the following day, they stated,

“These rumors are groundless.”

“What Do You Think?” is the same song that gotten Suga in a lot of controversy for using a sample of Jim Jones sermon, he was a mass-murderer and a cult-leader. He has since released an apology through his agency and removed the sample part from the song.

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What do you think of this?

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  1. Well Sugas Mixtape D2 is ruling charts. As you may know every single record for raps are being broken by this guy. Ofcourse there are people who would try to bring him down. And thats not at all something new.‍♀️


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