BTS And Big Hit Donate An Additional $1 Million To Help Out Concert Crew Affected By The Pandemic

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BTS and Big Hit are getting a lot of praise for their recent donation!

On June 22 (local time), Variety reported that BTS and Big Hit donated a large sum to Crew Nation; a campaign created by Live Nation, the campaign began in March with the purpose of giving money to crew members who make living from live performances.

Following the spread of the pandemic, live concerts stopped altogether and many people lost their jobs and source of income. BTS was originally supposed to tour the world but that was entirely put on hold until the situation improves. Their donation aims to help out people who would’ve played a big part in their live performances.

It’s has become the largest artist donation to the Crew Nation fund.

According to Variety, over 70 live concert crew members who were originally scheduled to work with BTS have receiving funding thus far. Its stated that 1000 crew members will receive compensation.

BTS stated,

“If it weren’t for COVID-19, we would have been happily touring across the world with many of our live concert crews by now.

We are aware that a lot of communities need help due to COVID-19, and we wanted to support the music industry crews by making a donation. We hope to meet again on stage very soon.”

Big Hit and BTS had previously made headlines for donating $1 million to donate $1 million to Black Lives Matter movement.

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