BLACKPINK “How You Like That” Now Holds The Record For The Most Viewed Music YouTube Video In The First 24 Hours?

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BLACKPINK “How You Like That” achieved an astonishing number of views in the first 24 hours and may have also broken a worldwide record in the process.

“How You Like That” was released at 6 p.m. KST on June 26, fans were working hard streaming as much as they could to help the group break as many records as they can across all platforms.

After 24 hours of its release, the MV reached approx. 82.4 million views. This is not only BLACKPINK’s best record to date but could also possibly be the new best record for all music videos on YouTube.

The official record for the music video with the highest views in the first day belongs to BTS’s “Boy With Luv.” According to YouTube’s official count, the music video reached 74.6 million views in the first 24 hours.

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However, as fans already know YouTube constantly adjusts the view count to reflect actual views and to ensure those views are legitimate so the official views count for “How You Like That” could either end up being more or less. In the case of “Boy With Luv,” the unofficial views count was 78.1 million views.

YouTube will likely announce the official 24-hour view count for “How You Like That” in the coming days.

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Congrats to BLACKPINK!

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  1. Lol I don’t get YouTube… deleting other groups views…and BP got what 76 M …are you kidding me. The song wasn’t worth it. Period.

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