SEVENTEEN Will Not Perform On MBC “Music Core,” Is It Because They’re Now Part of Big Hit? + MBC Responds

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To all the fans who have been wanting to see SEVENTEEN on MBC “Music Core,” it’s not happening!


MBC “Music Core” has issued a response following the report and Pledis’s confirmation that SEVENTEEN will not be performing on their show.

The show stated that they’re always working hard to invite singers from all genres to create stages that stand out and that they have requested for SEVENTEEN’s appearance on the show,

“We wish for them to appear on our show, and perform for the viewers.”

MBC’s statement rings a very different tone than what fans had expected. They didn’t expect the show to reply at all to the news but are shocked to learn that they have invited SEVENTEEN.

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On June 19, media outlets reported that SEVENTEEN are unable to promote on MBC and the reason is because of the recent merger with Big Hit.

Recently, Big Hit became the biggest shareholder in Pledis Entertainment, thus the label and all of its artists are now part of the big brand.

But what does it have to do with Big hit?

Well, apparently, there is an ongoing dispute between Big Hit and MBC. The dispute had previously prevented all of their artists, including GFRIEND, from appearing on their music program. The conflict allegedly began in 2018, fans began to notice Big Hit artists abscene from MBC shows since May of last year, the conflict appears to be still ongoing.

Later, Pledis confirmed to news outlets that SEVENTEEN will not promote on “Music Core.”

SEVENTEEN are coming back with their seventh mini album “Heng:garæ” on June 22.

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