“Backstreet Rookie” Under Fire For Kim Yoo Jung And Ji Chang Wook Problematic Kiss Scene

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“Backstreet Rookie” has aired its first episode last night and it has already gotten a lot of backlash.

During the first 20 minutes of the first episode of “Backstreet Rookie,” the main leads share a kiss scene, however, netizens found it very problematic to say the least.

The female character Saet Byeol (played by Kim Yoo Jung) plays a senior high school student during the first half of the first episode, in one scene, she falls instantly for Dae Hyun (played by Ji Chang Wook) and after a couple of minutes of meeting him, gives him a kiss. Instead of pushing her away, Dae Hyun acts with complete shock but does nothing about it.

Netizens found it very problematic that a high school student was kissing someone 12 years older than her in this drama and to make matters worse, Saet Byeol asks for Dae Hyun’s number which he immediately gives.

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Here are netizens comments on the kiss scene:

A high schooler kissing an adult, you must be crazy

What time are we living in right now?

Why on earth would you want to make a scene of a minor and an adult like this?

Are you in your right mind? for letting a third-rate comic that attracts and is enjoyed by only adults to be aired?

Why is a high schooler wearing a uniform kissing an adult?

Isn’t this too unrealistic? Is this fantasy?

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What did you think of the kiss scene?

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  1. they had the chance to veer away from the original webtoon but they didnot i believe the reason why k netz were upset was the broken promises. They said they will change it but looking at the 1st ep. it seems that they are not.

  2. I hope netizens get my message and I hope it reaches people who agree with them. For Goodness sake, is this your first time watching a movie where high school student kisses an adult. That scene can happen to anyone, I’m sure it wasn’t her first kiss. The guy was shocked because he wasn’t expecting it, when she jumped I thought she was going to kick him and I’m sure he thought so. Do you guys always have to comment bad on what people worked their ads for. If you guys really know how to direct movies or dramas then become a director. Use your common sense, you guys don’t have better things to do, the movie is OK for just first episode. And if you think your advising that’s not a way to advice, you all should probably learn that. The kiss wasn’t even intense, and he gave his number out of shock. It happens to anyone. You all should grow up, you can’t keep leaving bad comments on what someone worked really hard for. Because Karma is a b****, watch what you say.

    1. Thank you very much for this beautiful comment
      They worked so hard for this and this people can’t even appreciate their efforts a little
      They should be the movie writers, actors and directors

  3. You people are narrow minded. When you demanding to cancel the show becoz of highschooler kissing adult?? Then why is your country popular by letting wearing short skirt in K-pop idols.Are they supposed to wear long pants and long sleeve shirt …Whg there are so many rape case between high school students??? Why there are so many adult movies in Korean flim industry??? Get over it. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST CYBERBULLYING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Because of your stupid opinions and stupid criticism,many artist had been suicide and destroyed.
    The whole world don’t give a shut about what you guys think.We going to wait another episode of ‘Backstreet Rookie’…Get A Life…

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